Visual translator

I mainly care about the relationshin between what is visual and what is auditory, and the relationship between them through a common language, which is the digital language.

I used to convert the images whose audio equalizer was by converting the images to RW files By GIMP and importing it into an audio program, which is Audacity, and saving the result as audio files, and using it as an audio translation for the photo’s colors.

So, for this project I used sensors where it’s give me the variabels of RGB for any colors I scaned it, the project will mainly be about giving the audiance the opportunity to manipulate the sound through a musical note based mainly on converting the values sent from the sensor to the three-color RGB while moving images and color prints and the output will be unexpected and prior to manipulation, besides the sound as a result we will use the same values to build visual areas moving And display it on the wall facing the user.